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Save your copyrights, monitor Your Images. Find out who is using your photos on the web.
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Project Overview

PhotoClaim is a legal company with patented AI technology that helps to fight for photographers, digital artists, and designers to ensure their copyrights are globally protected. No website, no social media, and no newspaper could ever be successful without good images. Nevertheless, many companies don’t value them and illegally take pictures from the Internet. PhotoClaim tracks copyright infringements and connects photographers with respective attorneys in order to execute fair licensing fees for the art they create. Therefore PhotoClaim stands for protecting photography as an art with meaningful impact and should not be destroyed by stealing companies.

  • Illustration
  • UI/UX design
  • Web development
  • API integration

Solution & numeric data

The aim of the marketing plan and project was to increase the better recognition of the Photocliam brand online and to enable the purchase of online services and joining to their platform.

The solution was to revamp the old outdated website, and implement a new style with a friendly, “unofficial” look and feel with the goal of increasing SEO value. Also, this campaign consists of several lead-generation one-pagers for the partnership program and a landing page with a small online game for engaging users for registration to the monthly webinars which are organized by Photoclaim.

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Friendly atmosphere

The Law industry is pretty boring, right? It’s all about legal procedure, case law, and statutes. But the target audience of the website is people from the creative industry. They want to find a lawyer who can help to protect their legal rights. So, what is the main difference? Well, first of all – friendly! The first impression matters so much here.
Not everyone likes formality and strict rules. That’s why the website has to be friendly and not strict, so the solution was to create set of trendy illustrations which will help to communicate with the potential client and be closer to them on a mental level. And as it appeared it worked well. Customers appreciate cute illustrations and increased conversion rates and the average visiting session now lasts longer.

Give and engage

One of the goals of the marketing campaign was engaging users through subscriptions with really useful and fresh information from the industry. So we created a system of different email subscriptions for potential customers and partners, who subscribe to our campaign and get access to the latest news, e-books, product releases, and early bird access to international seminars and webinars held by Photoclaim and important company updates as well as a collection of gated materials from the website.

Success map

To create additional interest in the company`s services, was very useful to show the geography and wide scope of deliverables. In particular, visualization of successful cases on the interactive world map with numbers and so key statistic data. The explanation of each example case is extremely short – but vivid enough to attract the attention of people who sell artworks, as well as partners from the industry.

A list of the projects with an interactive map of all of the successful cases was an interesting and practical tool that users could use to get a sense of the relevance and usefulness of the services.

Our collaboration with Intex agency on our website's development and design was exceptional.
Our collaboration with Intex agency on our website's development and design was exceptional. Their expertise and understanding of our needs resulted in a user-friendly and visually appealing website. Seamless communication made the process efficient and enjoyable. Highly recommended.
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