Pre- and Post-Launch Growth Driven Solutions

Starting a project or need to scale your launched one? Our web development, design, and scaling solutions ensure lasting online growth.
  • Web Development Support
  • Design Support Service
  • SEO and Online Marketing
  • Pre- and Post- Release Support
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Why do you need the service

  • Need pre-launch assistance for a new business?
    We’ve got you covered.
  • Require ongoing maintenance for your existing online presence?
    We’re here to help.
  • Need additional features or marketing materials to expand?
    We’ve got the expertise to support your growth.
  • Facing website performance issues?
    Leave it to us for prompt resolution.

Did You Know?

Research indicates that 80% of website performance issues are rooted in poor planning and insufficient pre-launch testing. Prioritizing pre-launch actions can mitigate these issues, ensuring smoother website functionality and user experience post-launch

Pre-Launch Assistance

  • Pitch deck design:
    Designing compelling presentations to showcase your business idea
  • Marketing strategy support:
    Creating tools to promote your brand online effectively 
  • Social media visual content creation:
    Engaging content creation for various platforms
  • Graphic materials for campaigns:
    Designing visually appealing marketing materials
  • Minimum Viable Product development:
    Start smart and grow big soon

Post-Launch Maintenance

  • Website or web application maintenance: Ensuring smooth operation and performance.
  • Bug fixing and issue resolution: Swiftly addressing technical glitches.
  • Creation of additional features: Developing new functionalities to meet evolving needs.
  • AI  Chatbot implementation: Integrating chatbot technology for customer support.
  • Design support for marketing materials: Creating branded visuals for promotions.

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Expansion Support

  • Design updates: Refreshing the appearance and user interface.
  • Development of new features: Adding functionalities for business growth.
  • Marketing material creation: Designing promotional materials for campaigns.
  • Social media design: Crafting custom graphics for online profiles.
  • Brand consistency maintenance: Ensuring uniform branding across channels

Technical Support

  • Prompt resolution of technical challenges: Swiftly addressing issues to minimize downtime.
  • Optimization of website performance: Improving speed and responsiveness.
  • Continuous monitoring for issues: Proactively identifying and resolving problems.
  • Proactive bug analysis: Regularly auditing code to ensure stability and security.
  • Ensuring online presence remains optimized: Adapting strategies to maintain visibility and ranking.


Tailored and inspired, our agency is committed to delivering professional and reliable web support and customer growth solutions, ensuring efficiency in every aspect of the service.

Our Experience

You can rely on our esteemed Care&Growth service to not only turn your website into  a standout product reflective of your brand image but also nurture its growth and boost your online presence.

With a legacy of excellence, Intex Agency has not only produced visually compelling websites across the US, Europe, Australia, and Asia but also actively supported their expansion, driving increased traffic and fostering quality leads


We`re excited about their work and how they come to the table with ideas and feedback, which is invaluable...
INTEX agency has helped our startup to go from zero to one, contributing ideas and feedback beyond the app’s execution. The team is responsive and communicates effectively. They’re budget-conscious and trustworthy, and their enthusiasm for the client’s work has made them a true partner. Highly recommend!