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App for searching available parking places
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Finding a parking place when you are in a hurry is really tough job all over the biggest cities in Europe and North America. But what is really underestimated, is that every one of us is using mobile phones as the main tool for life routine managing. So why should we miss this opportunity? As we are originally a Ukrainian Agency first city for testing this idea was selected Lviv city in Ukraine, as we have connections in the government sector which is responsible for the city parking machines management.


In the center of Historical Europe cities, there is the issue of searching for available parking places with free parking lots. The main idea is quite simple:Every parking has a number of parking lots and as a result, we can simply analyze information from the parking meter machines on how much places are already paid and how many free parking places are left and then send it to the application servers.


Main functions of the app are:

  • Searching Parking with available lots in real-time
  • Navigating to them navigation via Google maps or analog
  • Start parking with a timer and automatic payment withdrawal

Easy as 1..2..3

Open the app, you will see the closest parking places to you with real-time information about the available parking lots. Navigate to the parking lot, and reserve the parking place while you`re driving. Arrive at the place turn on the timer, and leave your car. Come back and stop the timer, and pay automatically for renting the parking lot.

The app will get information from the cloud where information from the motion sensors installed on each parking lot, as well as will be connected to the parking machine for payment.

Potential Results

As the concept of our concept was approved by the local government, now we are in the stage of MVP as well as the Parking machine management side. We are waiting for 20 parking places around the city will be equipped with motion sensors and connected to their payment systems. We expect that our concept will simplify this complex, time-consuming process and help a lot of people to be a part of new ways of digitalization of the city routine and save the most precious thing, our time. We will update soon

15 min
Saved while parking
up to 60%
Digitalized drivers
Payments online
Real-time info in smartphone
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