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Youturn is the new solution that turns the cell phone case into a second line giving you a true dual-band experience. The microelectronics in the case allow for seamless data communications between the case and the phone. The addition of an ultra-low power color touch screen provides for an expansion or addition of the cell phone display.

The main goal was to create an out-of-a-box but simple and minimalistic page for user engagement and lead generation. After one year of crowdfunding, the project gathered more than half a million investments through the IndieGoGo platform.

  • web design
  • web development
  • clickfunnel
  • JS animation

Website with purpose

The purpose of this website is pretty simple: attract, engage, and lead. Despite the fact that the niche is not very competitive, so it`s pretty easy to stand out among the low amount of direct competitors, anyway, we decided to make the website in a pretty creative manner but still friendly, readable, and able to achieve a high level of engagement and conversion from its visitors.

Conversion rate
up to 60%
Higher result than expected

Responsive and fast

There are many factors that go into making a website perform well. However, making sure that the website loads quickly is key. A fast website means that the user can get to their desired content quickly, which increases conversion rates. Slow-loading websites can actually hurt SEO rankings by decreasing user satisfaction. So we did our best to achieve the best results we could.

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From the very beginning, Intex impressed us with their ability to translate our thoughts and vision into reality.
Their shared vision made subsequent designs that much easier to iterate off of. We went with our intuition in selecting Intex for the project and they delivered awesome results, in some perspectives their ideas blew us away with creativity...we would and will seek them out for future work.
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