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Metallica prof is a Ukrainian leader roofing material company whose brand and website belied their excellent product and category knowledge. A new brand and online experience, worlds away from their previous iteration, helped cement them as a top-tier market player.

For the last 20 years, Metalika prof inspired solutions have shaped modern roofing design for architects and subcontractors. A family-run business, their own brand had been low on the priority list, but in 2021 they realised they needed to step away from their dated brand shackles in order to connect with the gatekeepers who held the keys to realizing their growth targets of bigger, more prestigious projects – architects at top-tier firms and of course online presence.


Covid-19 had created a perfect storm for the Metallica brand. Business ownerі decided to use this time and create a proper and efficient online presence and make significant financial investments. The purchase process usually required several visits to the showroom by potential purchasers as they make a decision.

However, the increased desire to have a beautiful home, combined with retail store closures, has sped up the rate at which Metallica`s customers, have embraced online ordering. We needed to ensure the UX and design of the new site guided them towards order, removing as many barriers as possible, and reassuring them at every step of the journey.

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We undertook a rigorous research phase, and conducted many stakeholder workshops, defining a UX strategy centered on the company’s driving purpose of creating a new world standard of a sustainable, fresh, modern web-based catalogue.

Mobile vs Desktop

After the discovery phase, we discovered that 73% of potential and current customers will use mobile phones for surfing the website and start ordering products from the internet.  But then, they might prefer to complete their purchase on their laptop. So, on paper, it’s the mobile that “wins” first, but then,  the most important step from a business perspective, often is made from the laptop or PC. So both resolutions are convenient and visually attractive for customers in this niche.

Catalogue categorization

We implemented classical filtering and sorting system which is pretty common in eCommerce experiences, and after several AB tests, they were polished and used the best habitual practices.

Scalability solution

With the clear understanding that the product line of the brand is dynamically expanding, as the core e-commerce functionality we selected Open Cart CMS, it is a pretty flexible and scalable system that is high-performance and convenient for managing.

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