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Enso Homes
Website development with catalog and online home-configurator

Client overview

Enso Homes is an Australian development and construction company that creates high-quality houses with attractive and convenient designs. Its market niche is architecturally designed homes built for an affordable price.

The client approached our team for new website creation. One of the major priorities was to preserve the metadata and SEO achievements inherited from the previous website. Also, it was necessary to develop a more complex design tool for possible buildings’ configurations. Besides that, the client emphasized that the website performance and speed were crucial, at the same time Enso Homes wanted to preserve the admin panel in CMS WordPress, to which they already got used.

Considering all the requests and preconditions, we decided to take a rather unconventional decision regarding the architecture of this project. Given the client’s wish regarding the administration panel, we decided to build the website based on  it. Since this project included a great deal of untypical custom features and the need for fastest possible interaction, the majority of work was performed using React.js. We also combined all the frontend fields using an API in the admin panel familiar to the client.

  • Custom WordPress
  • UI/UX design
  • React JS development
  • SEO optimization

Solution & numeric data

Besides meeting the basic requirements of Enso Homes, we also wanted to improve some other indicators that could benefit our client’s business. So, for this reason, before creating the design, we conducted a marketing analysis and identified the most effective methods to engage the target audience.

Thanks to these solutions and increased speed of user’s interaction with the website and convenience for use on all device types, we managed to increase the lead generation by 54%. It’s an impressive result for the given preconditions and tasks.

page speed
content management
lead generation
conversion rate

Filtering functionality

One of our client’s business activities is the construction of new houses with ready-for-use solutions developed beforehand. To ensure the client’s convenience, we created a sort of house construction set using which the customers can filter the options they are interested in by space, budget, bedroom numbers and some other relevant parameters.


After customer selects one of the options from the filtered range, the one can proceed directly to the configuration for selecting the ready-to-use solutions regarding the building façade. After selecting the façade, the customer can select one of the existing sets for internal furnishing and decorations. Our team strived to ensure the most effective home configuration process with attractive and user-friendly design, layout and functionality. 

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