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During the time of COVID-19, especially during the lockdowns, the demand for ordering food online with delivery to the door has greatly increased. At the same time, our customers did not want to stand aside, especially after the big rebranding that took place in the company: Rapid changes require rapid actions. Therefore, with the launch of a large advertising campaign on social networks, there was an urgent need to create a modern and fast website for ordering favorite dishes from the network for existing and new customers. We are super happy that our agency was chosen as the executor for this project.

  • UI/UX design
  • Wocommerce
  • Web development
  • API integration

Solution & numeric data

Within 2 months our team developed a fully custom functional solution based on Woocommerce by WordPress. The main goal was to create a website according to the new brand guidelines to emphasize new visual language and on the other hand, be something that stands out but still is very friendly and fast in terms of ordering food online with delivery features.

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Mobile first design

Before the start of the project, we got some entry data, one of the сhapter was the number of mobile users and their conversion rate. 80% of users were going to use mobile phones for online food ordering, that’s why we spent a lot of time optimization of the ordering process, keeping in mind, that in the closest future website will be turned into a WPA application.

Payment and delivery

The last step in every food ordering process is selection of the point of delivery, depending on the delivery zone which was set up in connected Google map API. For the payment we use Stripe gateway with ability to use Googlepay and Applepay wich adds value to the conversion and satisfaction rate of the clients.

Our team of designers,
developers, growth hackers,
entrepreneurs and PhD’s is
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